"visulas" stands for my passion for capturing images and "KS" for Karsten Schomaker. A camera, initially analogue, accompanies me on all my travels, excursions and increasingly in Berlin. Selecting photos that are in the public (digital) space is not easy. During a four-week trip or a smaller excursion in Berlin and the surrounding area, hundreds of photos are quickly taken. The photos posted on "visuals by ks" represent my personal preferences.
Growing up in rural Lower Saxony, Germany between the Elbe and Weser rivers, I learned to appreciate nature and the weather. My mechanical engineering studies in L├╝beck added technology and my life in Berlin since 1987 shaped my love of architecture. From 2006 to 2019 I worked in the Botanical Garden Berlin, one of the most beautiful places in the capital and a really exciting "location" not only when viewed through the camera's viewfinder.
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